You have been working hard to achieve success in your current profession and you want to show how open you are to more diverse clients. Now it’s time to take your skills to the next level by earning a professional certification in positive sexuality.

Professional certifications are often required for advancement within an industry. They also provide proof that you have mastered specific knowledge and skills.

Discover the Benefits of a Certification Program

Certifications are not only beneficial for employers, but they can also help you advance your career. A certification demonstrates that you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to perform at a higher level than those who do not hold one. It shows that you are committed to continuous learning and improvement.

We know that language and standards are progressing quickly. If we want to be more supportive of our clients, students, customers, and others we need the skills to keep up with the times. Understanding gender and sexuality is no longer only for medical professionals and sex educators. All professionals must understand how to address their clients’ needs in a humanizing way.

Why the Positive Sexuality Certification Program?

Our program is designed to provide professionals in-depth knowledge about current issues in gender and sexuality to help you use your existing professional ethics and standards to:

  • Support your existing clients
  • Gain a more diverse client base
  • Expand your language
  • Use a positive, strengths-based approach

Engage in a self-paced online course designed by educators and researchers who have decades of accumulated knowledge in positive sexuality. Unlike other similar programs, you are paired with a mentor who will work with you, answer your questions, and guide you through the program. You also have the opportunity of working with a cohort of other professionals who are working towards similar goals.

What will I learn?

This program is designed to provide a deeper understanding of the 8 Dimensions of Positive Sexuality. This model allows people from all professions and skill levels to adapt existing knowledge while gaining new information that can be applied to your endeavors. This is not only an advanced sexuality education program; the Positive Sexuality Model is applicable across all fields of study and professions and does not require previous knowledge or degrees in human sexuality or gender studies.

What topics will be covered?

Not only does this program provide a deeper understanding of the Positive Sexuality Model, it uses examples from many marginalized sexual and gender identities, communities, lifestyles, and activities to help illustrate the use of the model. Some of the examples included focus on: Polyamory/consensual non-monogamy, BDSM, sex work, intersex, transgender, victims and survivors of sexual trauma, and others.

How do I start?

The best way to start is to apply to the program. You will be contacted for an interview, which allows you to ask any other questions you may have about the program. You can also use this contact form to ask questions. Once you have been accepted into the program you will be given access to the online course and introduced to your mentor.