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SPPCP Webinar_Embracing Multiple Types of Sex Positive Knowledge

Embracing Multiple Types of Sex-Positive Knowledge

a 3-hour, online workshop on how we build
and embody sex-positive knowledge

Saturday, September 5, 2020
9AM-12PM PDT / 12-3PM EDT

Positive sexuality incorporates knowledge and methods from multiple disciplines, including medicine and public health, social and behavioral sciences, and the arts and humanities.

Our featured panel of scholars and practitioners will highlight different perspectives on doing sex-positive work through fields of academic research, clinical practice, and community engagement.

This interactive workshop will also invite participants to engage in individual reflection and group discussion. We will explore together the kinds of research and personal experience we use to learn about new sexuality topics, what it means in each of our fields to “know” something about sexuality, and how we can put sex-positive values into practice in all our work.


Nicole Prause

Nicole Prause

Nicole Prause earned her Ph.D. in clinical science focused on neuroscience and statistics at Indiana University, Bloomington. She also is a licensed psychologist in California. Her research focuses on the physiology of sexual response, from desire through orgasm physiology, with a goal to identify ways sexual stimulation can benefit general health.

Onika Henry

Onika Henry

Onika Henry is an educator, facilitator, counselor, and theatre artist with university qualifications in Theatre Arts, Psychology, and Human Sexuality. She uses her combination of specialties for the benefit of her clients and students, in an environment that is healthy, fun, productive, and most of all, safe and non-judgemental.

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes

Sam Hughes is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz who studies the psychology of kink, BDSM, and sexual fetishism. His work has appeared in peer-reviewed academic journals, as well as Vice, The Savage Lovecast, Psychology Today, and Insider.

This workshop is open to students and professionals of all kinds and experience levels.

This event counts for the workshop component of our Sex-Positive Professional Certification Program, but you do not need to be enrolled in the certification program to participate in this workshop. We will provide a brief overview of the certification during the session.