The Team

Center for Positive Sexuality would like to thank the following for their contributions to the Sex Positive Professional Certification Program:

Christina Amezquita, MA

M. Candace Christensen, PhD
University of Texas, San Antonio

Adrian Colesberry, MBA

Daniel Copulsky

Anamarie Cortez

Natalie Day, MA
Boise State University

Jamie LeClerc

Matthew Lynch

LaTerra McDaniels

Kassandra McFarland, MA

Andrew Pari, LCSW, Diplomate

Emily E. Prior, MA

Victoria Reuveni, DHS

Karen Sabbah, MA
California State University Northridge

Julia Schiffman, MSW

Jeremy N. Thomas, PhD
Idaho State University

Elise Turen, PhD
Los Angeles LBGT Center

Cielle “Skye” Williams

D J Williams, PhD
Idaho State University

and a special thank you to those who wish to remain anonymous!

We appreciate your time, scholarship, creativity, and funding that made this project possible.