Application for New Students Open!

Now taking applications for new students. We have new content and activities to explore! Former SPPCP students may access the new content at a reduced rate. Former SPPCP students are also encouraged to contact us about becoming a mentor with the program.

Why Should I Learn About Positive Sexuality?

How will this help my business and clients?

‚ÄčThis program has been designed by experts across several disciplines, including but not limited to: Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Arts & Humanities, Forensics, and Law. This means that you are getting a thorough course in what positive sexuality means and how to apply this information to your business, practice, and life.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about the program.

Who is this for?

The Sex Positive Professional Program is designed for anyone who would like a deeper understanding of positive sexuality and how to apply it to your professional and/or personal journey. This is especially important for someone looking to support their existing client base and/or interested in expanding a client base to be more diverse and inclusive.

What does the program consist of?

Most of the information is contained in a self-paced asynchronous online course. You will be paired with a knowledgeable and trained mentor who will guide you through the course as needed. As well as completing the coursework, the program also requires:

  • Entrance and exit interviews
  • Attending a positive sexuality conference or event
  • Attending a positive sexuality workshop
  • Completing a final assessment
What will I learn?

The focus of the program is on the eight dimensions of positive sexuality:

  1. Applicable across all social levels
  2. Strengths, well-being, and happiness
  3. Sexuality is unique and multi-faceted
  4. There are multiple ways of knowing
  5. Professional ethics
  6. Open and honest communication
  7. Humanizing
  8. Peacemaking

While engaging with these concepts you will also explore intersections with topics such as BDSM/Kink, Polyamory/Consensual Nonmonogamy, Sex Work, Transgender Identities, and more.

Is this expensive?

Whether or not the program is expensive is subjective. For some it is not, and for others it may seem to be. However, compared to similar programs this certification is much less expensive, will take less time, includes a mentor to guide you along the way, and offers a community of graduates to share your experiences with. We also offer payment plans for those who cannot pay the full price all at once.

What level of education does this program require?

Although there are reading and writing assignments, the program is designed to work with your learning style. If you’re not the best writer, or the idea of reading academic articles doesn’t sound exciting – that’s OK. We have short video lectures of most of the readings to help guide you. Also, most assignments can be completed through other means, like creating a short audio or video recorded response, or even something more creative.

Your mentor will also assist you, provide feedback to assignments, and will meet with you online in real time to discuss any issues that may arise.

Click here to read about the application process, program requirements, and fees involved in the Certification Program.