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The Center for Positive Sexuality Presents SexPosCon Jan 18-20, 2022

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January 20, 2022 Workshop: Positive Sexuality is Humanizing

In learning what it means to be sex-positive, we must also learn what it means to “humanize” people, including those we differ with and from.

In this interactive workshop, we will engage directly with the topic; exploring our own values alongside those of others, discovering what an “intersectional identity” is, and why embracing this is important to a positive sexuality framework.  Our speakers will discuss how humanizing informs their varied works while our facilitator will guide attendees through exercises and small-group discussion designed to enhance these principles.

This 3-hour workshop fulfills one of the 3 components of the Sex Positive Professional Certification Program though is open to all interested conference members.

To enhance learning and interaction, we are capping this training at 15 participants.

Current SPPCP students can register for the workshop without registering for the conference. Workshop registration is available now. Use the “Register Now” button and click on the Workshop Registration link.

Applications open March 1, 2022. We have new content and activities to explore! Former SPPCP students may access the new content at a reduced rate.

Program Description

​This program has been designed by experts across several disciplines, including but not limited to: Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Anthropology, Arts & Humanities, Forensics, and Law.

Compare our program to similar Certification Programs:


Cost-comparable to similar programs


One-on-one guided mentoring


Open to professionals in all fields


Rooted in the 8 dimensions of positive sexuality


Meets your learning style needs


Immersive/Experiential: Online, in-person, and interactive


Sex-positive professional identification in your business and community

We believe that positive sexuality is applicable across all levels of society and can easily be integrated into all professions, especially those that already have an existing code of ethics based on humanity, strengths and well-being, communication, and acting in the best interests of one’s clients. This program is designed to build on your existing knowledge and expertise to enhance your practice, increase your awareness and sensitivity to clients’ needs, and allow for personal growth within your chosen profession.

If you have an existing human sexuality knowledge base, then you can easily move through the online sections that include refreshers on this information, and get on with the discussion and application of the positive sexuality framework. If, however, any of the more introductory information is unfamiliar to you, take your time to learn something new before moving on to the more challenging portions in the course.

This certification training is self-paced, but should take approximately 4-6 months (~150 hours) for full-time working  professionals to complete, depending on how much reading and other assignments you choose to do at a time. This equates to completing approximately 1-2 modules per month. This also depends on the workshops, conferences, and other events you may attend in connection with the Certification Program. Some reading and assignments are required, and others are offered as “extras” for those of you who would like to go further in any particular area.

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